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KOMIGAN Motion Sensor Sync LED Stair Lighting Kit SSL-0516, 40 Inches Long Strip Light for Indoor Staircase

Original price $90.00 - Original price $155.00
Original price
$90.00 - $155.00
Current price $90.00
Step Number: 6
LED Light Color: Warm White 3000K
  • [How it work]: Lights turn on synchronously automatically when motion sensor triggered.After delay time (settable), lights turn off synchronously.
  • [Function]: Brightness/Delay Time adjustable. Motion sensor/Daylight Sensor control.
  • [Feature]: High density 320 LEDs Super Bright COB LED Strip Lights,Soft light and No light spot. Cuttable 40 inches length led strip, suitable for indoor stair width 20"-60" Max 20 steps supported by controller.
  • [Easy to install]: All parts for installation included in the package. Quick connectors makes installation easily.
  • [Applications]: Any Residential and Commercial Spaces: Street Walkway Pathway Sidewalk Back Front Facing Entrance Doorway Porch Patio Garden Entry Path Walk Walking Riser Stair Hall Way Stairway Stairwell Staircase Ladder Entryway Deck


Packing List :

1; Controller  1pc
2; Power supply  1pc
3; Power cord  1pc
4; Motion Sensor  2pc
5: Daylight Sensor 1pc
6; Motion Sensor And Daylight Sensor extension cord  3pcs
7; LED Light strip  x N ,  (N=Step Number)
8; Main Cable  1pc