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KOMIGAN Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting Kit KMG-3233, 40 Inches Long Warm White 4000K Cuttable Flexible LED Strip Light for Indoor Staircase

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How it work

The stair lights began to light up step by step when one of the motion sensors is triggered. After a period of time(adjustable), the stair lights began to light off step by step. The controller programs also allow you to set the step number, speed, brightness and delay time.


  • Motion sensor mode, stay on mode, daylight sensor mode
  • Motion activation range: 1.5-2.0 m
  • Delay time adjustable between 3-600 seconds
  • Lighting speed control ,8 gears
  • Brightness adjustable, 8 gears
  • Step number setting, max 32 steps
  • 3 lighting modes:
    1-  Cascade mode (Two person mode)
    2-  Sync mode
    3- Cascade mode (Single person mode)
  • High density 320 LEDs Super Bright COB LED Strip Lights,Soft light and No light spot, 40" long led strip with adhesive backing can be cut to fit your stair width, Suitable for stair width 20"-60"

Packing List :

1; Controller  1pc
2; Power supply  1pc
3; Power cord  1pc
4; Motion Sensor  2pc
5: Daylight Sensor 1pc
6; LED Strip Lights  x  N,  (N=Step Number)
7; Light extension cord  x N
8; Sensor extension cord  x 3