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KOMIGAN Motion Sensor LED Stair Lighting Kit KMG-3233, 36 Inches Length Warm White 3000K Aluminum LED Light Bar for Indoor Staircase

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How it work

The stair lights began to light up step by step when one of the motion sensors is triggered. After a period of time(adjustable), the stair lights began to light off step by step. The controller programs also allow you to set the step number, speed, brightness and delay time.


  • Motion sensor mode, stay on mode, daylight sensor mode
  • Motion activation range: 1.5-2.0 m
  • Delay time adjustable between 3-600 seconds
  • Lighting speed control ,8 gears
  • Brightness adjustable, 8 gears
  • Step number setting, max 32 steps
  • 3 lighting modes:
    1-  Cascade mode (Two person mode)
    2-  Sync mode
    3- Cascade mode (Single person mode)
  • Aluminum light bar suitable for stair width minimum of 36", The LED light bar can be fixing with Double-sided adhesive and Metal clip.

Packing List :

1; Controller  1pc
2; Power supply  1pc
3; Power cord  1pc
4; Motion Sensor  2pc
5: Daylight Sensor 1pc
6; LED Light Bar  x  N,  (N=Step Number)
7; Light extension cord  x N
8; Sensor extension cord  x 3